100+ Women Who Care Red Deer

The 100 Women Who Care concept is so simple, elegant and effective.

100 WOMEN. 4 HOURS. $40,000.

Originating in Jackson, Michigan, others all over the USA, Canada and Australia have started local groups, including groups in Calgary, Edmonton and Canmore. There are 100 Men Who Care, 100 Kids Who Care, 100 People Who Care groups. It seemed like such a great idea, Cindy Jefferies and Susan Knopp couldn’t think of a reason not to start a Red Deer group. An email list of about 150 was created, an invitation sent out and the first meeting was held on a February 9, 2015.

What happened that night was absolutely amazing! More than 200 women attended our first meeting. It was a little crazy. We ran short of chairs. We ran short of ballots.

We did not run short on enthusiasm!

12 charities were nominated. Three charities were randomly selected and three gracious women championed them. When the votes were tabulated, the recipient that night was Eastview Middle School’s play structure project. After a flurry of cheque writing, more than $22,000 was raised.

And we had to add a ‘+’ sign to the name of our organization.

We are so grateful to the generous women of Red Deer and district that have embraced this community fundraising initiative.

Here’s a brief description of what ‘100+ Women Who Care Red Deer’ looks like:

  • We get together four times a year for one hour.
  • Each member commits to write a cheque for $100 at each meeting.
  • In advance of each meeting, all members can submit the name of a charitable organization that they would like to see us support.
  • At each meeting the names of three charitable groups will be drawn. The members who have nominated the organizations drawn will speak to their nomination and encourage their fellow members to vote for their nominee.
  • After all three members have ‘made a pitch’ for their nominee, all members vote. The organization with the most votes gets the donations for the evening.
  • At our current membership level, we more than $20,000 at each meeting.
  • The successful organization receives all of our cheques and issue charitable receipts.
  • At the following meeting we have a presentation from the previous meeting successful organization and then go through the process again with three new nominees.

Simple. Quick. Fun!

  • We learn about a variety of groups who work in our community.
  • Collectively we make an impact.
  • There’s minimal time commitment.
  • We get to share some time together and reconnect with friends and colleagues that we’d like to see more often but may not always have the opportunity.

Please get in touch if you would like to join or would like more information.