It was great to see a full house – and so many new members at our September 25th, meeting.

We presented some of the highlights of our trip to Chicago for the 100 Women Alliance Conference in April – it was so inspiring! We came away with a sense that our Red Deer Chapter is part of something so much BIGGER! 

The first Chapter of 100 Women Who Care was formed in 2006 by Karen Dunigan in Jackson, Michigan. Since that time –  in just 11 years – 490 Chapters have been established world-wide. 164 of those are in Canada! The estimated total impact of these groups is $55,838,930 USD. That’s incredible!

Our Chicago trip also provided us with some good ideas and suggestions. With the help of our new Welcoming Committee  (Colleen Thomas, Samantha Sheridan, Rachel Jenkins, Amber Mack, and Elvy Goring) we opened this meeting with the Welcoming Committee meeting you as you came in and helping you find your way. This group also put together a quick “table topics” card to encourage you to get to know the people at your table. We are thankful for their help and look forward to seeing what they have in store for us in November.

We are looking for help on a couple of other ideas, if you are interested in helping us out, please drop us an email. 

We  had 4 nominations representing 3 charities so we heard from, and learned about, all 3.

Thanks for nominating and speaking go to:

  • Barb Hitchcock – Central Alberta Victim and Witness Support Society
  • Brenda Watts – Central Alberta Pregnancy Care Centre 
  • Judy Scott – Family Services of Central Alberta.


Thank you for your desire to help these important organizations.
Thanks to our members who asked good questions and took part in the vote.

This time,Family Services of Central Alberta (FSCA) received the most votes.
Congratulations Judy Scott, FSCA will certainly be happy to hear this news!

Cheques can be made payable to Family Services of Central Alberta and may be mailed or delivered to: 

Central Alberta Brain Injury Society reported back to the group on the use of our donations from our April meeting. Thanks to Jean Stinson (Other ladies name?) for her presentation and helping us understand just how far you can make our donations go!

Donations to Date – 2017 

  • The Lending Cupboard -$14,250
  • Central Alberta Brain Injury Society – $13, 825 *To be updated -we received some more cheques on Monday.

As you can see, our donations are down from last year. We are looking for your help in growing our member participation and member numbers. We circulated some “You are Invited” cards for you to share. Weencourage you to bring a friend or two into the group. 


Who could you nominate for November? There must be some other charities in our community who could benefit from our donations? Please give this some thought. We have had as many as 23 nominees in the past. Let us know if we can help.

Next meeting date:
Wednesday, November 15

One more inspirational thought from the100 Women Alliance Conference:CHOOSE JOY!

Susan and Cindy

P.S.: Donation Jar:

Thank you to everyone that pitched in a loonie or two (those $20 bills were extra awesome!) for our petty cash drive. You helped us out with $168 in donations. We don’t need a lot of money to run our group, but a little cash will help cover a few miscellaneous expenses.